Give it away???

My seven-year old daughter has been asking for a new swing set.  She outgrew the old set and has been eyeing a tree-house…Dad’s thinking more along the lines like this.images.jpg

We know how this will turn out.

Over the summer we plan to do a few odd jobs to raise some mula.  An idea she had was to have a lemonade stand.  When it comes to beverage stands I’m not familiar with city ordinances and don’t care to learn them.  So my proposed solution…give the lemonade away!  Both mom and daughter freaked out on this proposal.

My thought is she will make more money off the tips.  I have been on the receiving end and have noticed I’m more willing to give of my resources.     I’m looking forward to this endeavour.  I will post once the stand is put away.

What’s your personal experience with this approach?  Have you been on either end: giving it away or receiving?

*Update* 9/1/2016

We combed through local ads and found a used FORTRESS for a reasonable price!  There was no need for us to “donate” lemonade.  My 7-year old even forked over $100 towards the purchase.

The installation took over a month and I’m very pleased with the results.  The family would agree with me…this picture tells it all!


The work was well worth it.  I know they will enjoy this setup for years to come.


You’re an overcomer!

I have always respected Coach Kingsbury and even moreso after making the decision to kick three football players off Texas Tech team.  The details are not disclosed but apparently these players failed to “uphold student-athlete expectations”.   One player was a defensive linebacker who was a force to reckon with.  He was second on the team with tackles and had a knack for finding the ball; 2 interceptions and 1 pass break-up. Hey, for the Tech defensive squad that’s bragging numbers.

I’m not sure what the defense will do to replace this young man but one thing I’m certain of is Coach Kingsbury sent a message to his squad: We  and have expectations and should you not uphold to them you will be gone.  These young men forget that it’s a privilege to play ball at a top football program.  The same holds true those employed.  It’s a privilege to contribute to an organization and not a right.  I’m often frustrated when I overhear employees talking bad about their employers.  You have a choice- quit.  There is no need to spread malcontent among the others.  And as a customer I don’t want to hear how bad your life is working for such company.

I’m a strong believer of hiring an individual who has optimistic view of life.  These individual’s may not have the right skills but those can be learned.  The other, optimsim, not so much.

What if you’re the one that needs an adjustment?  I would encourage the reader stop making it about yourself.  Yes, we’ve all had things happpen and circumstances derail our plans but I want to encourage you things do get better.  Please understand that the world does not revolve around you.   So whatever circumstance you’re going through I can’t say I’ve experienced it but do know that you can overcome.



Seeing Potential in People

The 8 billboards read, “Lubbock, the friendliest city in America”, but the truth is Lubbock is nowhere near that.  In Texas, Lubbock ranks among the top 5 in violence crime rate.  Let’s not mention our drivers.  In fact, WalletHub has ranked it the #1 worst place to drive in the nation.

This is a marketing initiative to bring businesses to Lubbock and I commend the approach.  I believe they’re on the right path.  They have chosen to see the potential of what Lubbock can be.  When we see the potential in people we’re saying we believe in you!  And this billboard has captured what the residents of Lubbock believed for a long time.

I was reading a John Maxwell book about seeing the potential in others.  One scenario describes a waitress whom carried a frown and an attitude.  John Maxwell set a ten-dollar bill on the table and mentioned she would get the tip should she provide exceptional service.  If her service suffered the tip would decrease.  Guess what?  It worked!  The author goes on to say they received the best service that day.

The bill served as a reminder or a motivator. It said I know you can provide us exceptional service to which she rose to the occasion.  We too can carry out the same approach.  No, we don’t need to pay people to get them to come around but we do need to see the best of people.  This offers encouragement and it doesn’t cost a dime!

For Lubbock there is work to be done and i’m confident that the results will be favorable. This is not a short-term initiative and will be interesting to see where Lubbock goes from here.

Coach K said what?

How things went down

So by now you’re probably up-to-date on Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski, best known as Coach K, chastising of an Oregon Duck’s star basketball player.  If not here’s the shortened version. As the play-clock expired the young man made a 3-pointer and taunted the Duke bench.  The young man was enjoying a nice end to an incredible performance.  With the game over Coach K caught up to the young man told him he was too good a player to do that.   This is where things take a strange twist.

Coach K said what?!

The player told the press what Coach K said and when the coach was asked about it he denied it.  There was audio of the exchange and Coach K had to apologize for his doings.   I don’t have a problem with what the coach told the player.  Whether or not Coach K has earned the right to correct is up for debate.  I don’t have an issue with Coach K doing that.

So why deny it?

Part of life is being able to handle correction or criticisms and believe the  young player did an exceptional job of this.  The player He has shown maturity.  I would say much more than Coach K.  He denied those comments and I have an issue with that.  Why did he feel he needed to deny the interaction?  Those questions only he can answer but any leader should take responsibility for their actions.  It’s an easier task to have to apologize as soon as it happens rather than be found out by other means.

Key take-aways

First, ask if it’s ok to point something out.  It was unfair of Coach K to rob the player of his moment.   Before blurting what’s on your mind be cognizant of the other person’s feelings.  Ask for permission.

Second,  yes you screwed up but it’s much easier to apologize now rather than later.  In an effort to save face many will go to extremes to cover up their shortcomings.  Doing so will only question your credibility.  This can have damaging consequences if you are new to an industry or field.

Lastly,  your day too will come when someone corrects you.  Be open to their words and remember they’re not attacking you but rather an action.



Spontaneity Speaking

It’s hard enough to give a presentation when you have time to prepare and even harder when put on the spot to speak.  The ability to speak on the spot takes time and can be mastered. Just like any skill practice is a necessity.

In the video below Matt Abrahams presents helpful advice to help one develop the ability to speak spontaneous.

Don’t have time to review the video?  Below I’ve outlined a structure Matt presents suggests using when asked to speak.  I have also used this structure in writing my bio across my sites.

Try following this structure…

Identify the Problem

Provide a Solution

Highlight the Benefit

Introducing someone…

Who they are

What they do

What do they offer

And there it is. Nothing to it.  This structure has been applied  when asked what my current job is.  This structure allows me to provide  details while highlighting the team’s goals.

What’s Your Motivation? defines motivation as the state or condition of being motivated.  Quite frankly, the state of motivation is one that eludes our society.  The lack of motivation in getting out of debt, getting a job, completing your homework, or in my case “spring-cleaning”.

A couple of years ago a working hot-tub (so we were told) was giving to us.  It did not cost us a dime to get it transported and set in place.  Unfortunately, we never found out whether the hot-tub was functional and finally decided to throw it out.   We reached that conclusion late last summer and followed through in March!  Talk about an eyesore; we completely avoided the backyard as much as possible.

It was not until the father-in-law came over with a trailer and the hot-tub was removed.   Going back to the definition my in-law was the state that motivated the clean-up process.  He is in his 70s and this gesture motivated and encouraged me in the removal process.

So my question to you is what’s your motivation?

Back-breaking labor

Back-breaking labor

Hauling this dirt around brought back good memories. I thank my dad for the work ethic he instilled in me. He allowed me to help around the house while I learned the meaning of hard work. Allowed – more like made. As I worked it brought great satisfaction, but was saddened as I realized that my dad is no longer the strong man that he once was. I have now become like that man I admired when I was a young kid; the admiration is still there.